Differences between RPO and RTO

Due to the high downtime costs, any organization should have a disaster recovery plan that ensures business continuity. In this context, understanding the differences between


Risk Treatment according to ISO31000

No organization is free from external and internal factors which may make uncertain the achievement of its objectives. According to the definition set out in


What is due diligence?

Due diligence is a concept that is not only applied in the legal field but is also used by ISO 37001 as one of the

Business Process Management

Process Management Lifecycle.

The proper design and execution of processes can lead an organization to outperform, both in quality and efficiency, another organization offering the same products or

Business Process Management

Process improvement approaches.

Only organizations able to adapt rapidly to the continuous changes prompted by the market succeed in remaining in force. These organizations invest efforts in analyzing


Change and organizational culture.

The digital era brought about a revolution that has driven traditional organizations to change their work framework, their organizational culture, and even the mindset of


Consequences of bribery

Nowadays, despite global efforts to fight against it, one of the most complex problems is bribery, which has a very negative impact on the organization

Business Process Management

BPMN: Business Process Model and Notation.

Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) is considered the international standard par excellence for defining, modeling, and sharing business processes under the Business Process Management

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