How does digital transformation impact on the customer?

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Digital transformation is leading to a significant change in customer consumption habits. This means that organizations need to adapt their business model and turn it into a competitive advantage, which allows them to stand out from the competition while ensuring that the customer’s experience is appropriate through any contact channel.

Today, there are different channels (social networks, applications, websites, forums, blogs, etc.) through which the customer can get enough information to do shopping and, in turn, can spontaneously become a brand ambassador, recommending and providing information about their shopping experience, contributing significantly to the image of the product and/or service.

Today’s customers prefer to shop online rather than going to the shops. They have at their fingertips information about offers, opinions about the product and/or service, comparisons with similar products, and access to various international markets at a click away. This advantage allows them to purchase by using different methods of payment and experience the convenience of delivery from anywhere in the world.

Certainly, digital transformation benefits the customer experience –who has become increasingly demanding–, challenging the quality of products and/or services, as well as the response speed of organizations.


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