Investigate and address bribery.

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An anti-bribery management system is not a 100% guarantee that an organization will not give in to bribery; however, it helps organizations to proactively support the fight against bribery, and promote a culture of ethics and integrity. 

To adopt this culture, the organization must take measures to identify and assess risk, prevent, detect, and address any offer, promise, provision, acceptance of gifts, hospitality, donations, or request for an undue advantage, directly or indirectly, as an incentive or reward among other forms of bribery.

Upon reasonable suspicion of non-compliance with the anti-bribery policy, the organization must conduct an investigation privately. If the investigation reveals any non-compliance, appropriate action must be taken in proportion to the severity of the problem identified.

The organization should implement procedures to enable anonymous reporting, promote the reporting of attempted bribery, ban reprisals, and protect those who report, among other measures to foster an anti-bribery culture.


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