Knowing, understanding and adapting the environment to implement DevOps.

If the organization’s culture and context are key factors to focus on implementing any new way of working, the resulting combined culture should be powerful enough to drive the desired results. In the case of DevOps, culture is one of the main success factors. This means building a culture of collaboration commitment clear and transparent


Aspects of organizational change to adopt a culture of agility.

Lograr resultados diferentes significa hacer las cosas de manera diferente, también. Este razonamiento no es nuevo en absoluto; de hecho, se relaciona con una cita atribuida a Albert Einstein, que busca repensar los conceptos de cambio e innovación para lograr mejores resultados. Por lo tanto, de acuerdo con tal razonamiento, es necesario hacer un cambio

Customer Experience

Team awareness, a key to strategy perfection

When strategies are moving forward, lots of relevant information generates. This is analyzed as part of the permanent improvement tasks on which all approaches based on providing quality results, mostly compliance and value delivery according to requirements depend. The organization context comprises several ways of feedback. Nevertheless, in the context of the consumer satisfaction approach,

User Experience

The importance of checking.

Like many other disciplines, UX design is not a linear process, but indeed an iterative process comprising stages that allow developing high-quality product or service interfaces based on criteria highly valued by users. Accordingly, tests turn out to be one of the stages of constant iteration. In other words, it is necessary to test or

Design Thinking

Putting ideas into practice, making solutions tangible.

This stage of “design thinking” requires to make the representations, concepts, and notions set in the stage of “devising” more and more tangible so that the proposal of solutions is seen as such and allows identifying failures requiring necessary adjustments to achieve effective solutions. The aim is to create models with consistent approaches able to

Customer Experience

Continuous perception of the consumer’s feelings and emotions.

Companies develop several actions and strategies in order to ensure customer’s satisfaction, and when designing a superior consumer experience strategy, the focus is even more detailed because these actions have a direct impact on the consumer’s feelings, emotions and behaviors regarding different aspects of our company, such as the brand, channels, products, and services to

User Experience

Sketches for the great work. Prototyping a superior experience.

Today, it is possible to find several ways and means to achieve success with the best user experience. Upon obtaining relevant information and after having properly analyzed and organized it, it is extremely useful and also necessary to be able to sketch and set representation models that simulates, as perfectly as possible, the interfaces –including

Design Thinking

The magic of ideas

The main requirement for generating ideas is setting the path for the creative approach. This is determined –as mentioned before– by how we can organize and structure information obtained from the definition step in order to contextualize and conceptualize the needs, desires, expectations or problems intended to be solved. In other words, it will allow

Customer Experience

Being in tune with the consumer

The scope of a consumer-based strategy requires discussing the aspects defining the final perception of those who will interact with our products, services, or the channels set up by our company. The objective is to make the consumers have a great experience in every respect, based on what we are able to provide. In order

User Experience

Skills to structure information

As we know, from a user’s point of view, every requirement comprises a series of related aspects and critical factors defining, among others, the interface usability –solution or service–, which includes countless characteristics and allows an interface to be sufficiently attractive, functional and comfortable to provide a very gratifying user experience. To obtain large volumes

Design Thinking

The significance of definition

During the challenge of carrying out a process of searching for creative and innovative solutions to different problems or needs, the design thinking is an instrument used to conceptualize, and better yet, to clarify the customers and users’ needs in order to provide potential concrete solutions in a specific or particular situation. If empathy was

Customer Experience

WOW effect for customers.

Based on the perspective of delivery of a product or service to customers, every interaction generates a series of perceptions, whether positive or negative, which defines a general idea of the experience related to such product or service in the mind of the consumer. These perceptions per se are not new, they have been part of the

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