DevOps Myths

As with all emerging trends, DevOps has attracted both supporters and detractors, and as it is adopted, false beliefs are arising. It is said to


The Planning Poker Technique

Planning Poker is a technique the Scrum team uses to estimate the effort required to perform a task. It uses values (in numbers, not time)

Lean Management

The Critical To Quality Tree

Usually, an organization is always seeking to improve its strategy for meeting customers’ expectations and developing a product and/or service that helps it to stand


The Three Ways of DevOps

The three ways of DevOps comprise three basic principles that describe the values and philosophies governing the processes, procedures, practices, and prescriptive steps required for


Scrum Board, a management tool

The Scrum Board is a visual resource allowing the scrum team to manage the development of a product and/or service, from start to finish, ensuring

Lean Management

Value Stream Mapping (VSM)

Value Stream Mapping is a technique used to visualize the entire process of a product or service, understand the flow of information and/or material for


DevOps: Shifting Paradigms

Digital transformation resulted in a growing demand for applications, pushing organizations to move away from the traditional software development approach, which was the main reason


Is Scrum a framework or a methodology?

There is some confusion when referring to Scrum. It is sometimes described as a methodology and sometimes as a framework. Before clarifying this confusion, first,

Lean Management

Seven Types of Waste.

Lean philosophy focuses on the customer and identifies any activity that provides value to neither the customer nor the business, thus eliminating waste from the


DevOps as a work philosophy.

Nowadays, more and more organizations are developing software to provide their products and/or services. Following the traditional method of working, the software development team and

Customer Experience

Experiment Board.

Experiment Board allows controlling the validation of hypotheses by creating and conducting experimentation and testing cycles. Likewise, this tool supports decision-making processes, and launching and

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