User Experience

Idea generation techniques.

Creativity is the key factor to enhance user experience in today’s competitive market. Creativity is not inherent; it can be trained and developed like any

Design Thinking

Disruptive ideas.

Thinking in a disruptive way is essential for generating innovative ideas; this involves empowering the imagination, leaving our comfort zone, and analyzing without limits. From

Customer Experience

Customer journey map.

It is a tool that allows you to visually reflect each of the stages and interactions that a customer goes through when purchasing a product

User Experience

The UX designer role.

The interest in user experience design is becoming more important in organizations. The challenge is great. For many years, attention was focused on the quality

Design Thinking

Marshmallow challenge

This playful dynamic is aimed at promoting innovation, collaborative work, and creativity. The challenge is to build as a team an autonomous structure using noodles,

Customer Experience

Customer Experience Metrics.

Metrics are important mechanisms to measure an organization’s performance against its strategic goals and objectives. Most of these tools focus on measuring the product’s performance

User Experience

Usability testing.

Although a website, program, application, or other physical or digital product is subject to various quality assurance and control processes, its effectiveness and efficiency will

Design Thinking

Card Sorting: Content categorization.

Card Sorting is one of the most used techniques within the innovation strategies of organizations seeking to impact and create a greater connection with their

Customer Experience

Making a difference with Customer Experience.

Differentiating a brand, a product, or a service through customer experience has become one of the main challenges for organizations. Today’s consumer participates, suggests, interacts,

User Experience

User Experience in the Organization.

Technology development and easy access to information have led organizations to reconsider their business models, changing the traditional approach to a user-centered approach. Organizations seeking

Design Thinking

Innovating with Design Thinking.

Current trends make way for new products and services, which need to be designed innovatively to be competitive. Design Thinking is an iterative process to


Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Service Level Agreement represents the organization’s commitment to ensure the quality of the various service requirements, such as availability, capacity, continuity, requirements fulfillment, management of

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