Knowing cybersecurity and its importance in the organization.

Among the wide variety of risks affecting the information security of companies, one of the most modern aspects in this regard is the interaction between people, applications, and Internet services, which also affect security on the Internet, networks and information technology communications. Nowadays, any company, regardless of its size, can easily fall prey to cyber-attacks


Anti-bribery management in the organization.

Currently, there is a lot of news around the world about how bribery is affecting the social, political, commercial, cultural, educational fields, among others. No aspect is exempt from the possibility of being affected by bribery. Thus, bribery has become a massive, broad and harmful practice affecting the organizational ethical values, the growth, and generating


Data protection on the internet.

Data protection is a matter that should have our full attention due to the importance of the use of our information by companies that can access it without proper authorization, especially when today our personal data is, in a way, made available to those who can make use of advances in technology to access it


How the ISO 31000 risk management process is involved in the organization.

Risk Management is a key component for decision making that should not be independent of the organization’s strategy and management but should be integrated with the other management components such as processes and operations. This means that its scope of action goes from the strategic to the operation level and its application is highly iterative,


General Aspects and Approaches in Project Management Application according ISO21500.

One of the main advantages of working on projects applying the principles and guidelines of Project Management according to ISO 21500 is to achieve improvements in the compliance with the requirements of the product and/or service, which will be reflected in improvements in customer satisfaction. Likewise, the efficient management of resources helps to improve sustainability


Influence of technology on data privacy.

Today, companies are creating and using large volumes of data of all kinds in order to better understand the customers and the market in general. In that regard, there are challenges and problems for information management and data protection. Privacy can become a limiting condition for innovation and competitiveness as it can be threatened by


Important aspects of risk management according to ISO 31000.

Currently, it must be clear to all organizations that risk management is a crucial aspect of the management and governance of a company. Therefore, it is important to perform a risk analysis before starting a task or project, in general, whenever resources are to be invested. The organization should understand the concepts of risk analysis


General steps for project management according to ISO 21500.

Every project follows a life cycle during which various activities are developed to deliver a result that may be a product or service. In this sense, it is necessary to implement a project management that develops the necessary processes to organize and manage resources and other aspects in order to ensure that these results are


Data privacy pursuant General Data Protection Regulation.

Regarding the need to ensure the safeguarding of personal data in all areas where it can be managed, since 25 May 2018, the European Union (EU) implemented the “General Data Protection Regulation” (GDPR), a regulation that had entered into force on 25 May 2016, in order to companies and organizations have a 2-year period to


The importance of risk analysis.

Reputation or brand damage, cybercrime, political risk, and terrorism are some of the risks that private and public organizations of any type and size must face most often. The purpose of risk management aims at helping create and protect value by making the best possible decisions. These decisions mainly concern the adoption of measures (or


Knowing better about project management according to ISO 21500.

Project management has become a required practice allowing small and large organizations to achieve their objectives and obtain benefits comprised in various areas of business management. In that regard, the Project Manager is responsible for applying –based on his/her knowledge and skills– methods, processes, tools, techniques, etc. in order to a project achieve the objectives


General aspects of Data Protection in the Company.

As we are currently experiencing growing and important changes in the use of technologies and the advance of digital transformation, access to information and use of personal data are aspects that have become more relevant due to the impact of use, whether good or bad, and the value for people, companies as well as its

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