Strategic framework for risk management in the company.

Regardless of the sector or industry, no company is free from situations or events that may affect the achievement of its objectives, prevent its regular operations, or limit its performance. These situations or events –considered as threats or opportunities– must be identified, evaluated, and dealt with according to specific actions defined and implemented as part


Developing the right means to achieve business results on time.

Developing initiatives, meeting needs, solving problems, implementing legal requirements, or simply generating specific ideas for economic growth or extending public benefits coverage are situations that any company must deal with, and for which it must find the right way to achieve the desired results. Any of these situations may be covered by a project, which


Security for cloud services.

There are many advantages and benefits of using cloud computing, such as flexibility in the use of technology, reduction of costs and expenses, etc. However, as data, systems, and services move to the cloud, companies are exposed to serious issues regarding security, internal and regulatory compliance. Facing this situation means implementing a cloud security system


Business Impact Analysis and its importance in the Company.

A crucial component when developing a business continuity management system is –without a doubt– Business Impact Analysis (BIA). It defines the key aspects of business continuity in order to determine strategies and actions for dealing with disruptive incidents. This involves analyzing and evaluating the company’s main activities and determining the effect that an interruption may


Cloud Computing and business strategies.

Many aspects of organizational management are defined based on a company strategy; thus, it is appropriate and logical for a technology management strategy to be supported by a business strategy. Firstly, this strategy will lead to defining the management scheme that is most appropriate for the company needs and which will be used in the


Design the strategy to ensure continuity

Implementing a strategy to ensure –in part– the business resilience mainly involves defining and establishing a set of actions to restore business processes or services in a reasonable period of time, depending on the company’s urgency and based on its strategies, context, and customers. These strategies are implemented in the Business Continuity Plan (BCP), which,


Some key components for the information security management system.

Today, it is more than obvious that the main component of the initiatives on management system lies in the commitment of the organization –as a whole– represented by senior management, which rules the company’s governance and whose participation is crucial for the management system to become a relevant item of corporate strategy. These initiatives are


Knowing the company’s needs and adopting the best cloud service model.

Being able to scale up the management and operation of technology to a cloud-based service model (cloud computing) means that companies have a clear idea of the solution required based on their needs, which will define aspects such as the volume of processing, and based on their possibilities, determining factors such as cost, return on


Awareness and commitment of the organization for business continuity.

In the previous post we talk about the business continuity management system within the framework of ISO 22301, and address the importance of taking appropriate measures to prevent or, in worst case scenario, face different situations that may occur in a company environment and seriously affect its operations, thus generating economic losses and damage to


Relevant aspects on information security management in the company.

Undoubtedly, information security is an important part of an organization, regardless of the industry to which it belongs, and is also part of risk management, an important aspect. Implementing an information security management system in the company allows guaranteeing the information protection, dealing with risk management from an information security perspective, and developing competitive advantages


Is cloud computing the technology solution my company needs?

Today, very few companies do not use any form of technology to perform their daily operations in the various fields where they do business. In fact, the use of software has massively increased in all areas and, in many cases its application at different levels of the company is undeniable and unavoidable. In this regard,

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