Ensuring company’s business continuity and reputation.

During the lifetime of any company, sooner or later there will be situations that threaten its performance as well as its growth. When these situations –known but not expected– occur, they may cause losses and affect different levels of the organization. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent them, and if they occur, face them by


ISO 27001 in your company

Today, one of the highest risks affecting companies is related to the protection of information generated by both their activities and the nature of the industry where they operate. For this reason, a key aspect in the company’s strategy is taking the required actions to be safe. In order for this to happen, there is

Lean Management

Perfection is in the team mindset

One of the basics of Lean is perfection; however, it is necessary to understand that perfection itself is unattainable, there is nothing absolutely perfect, but everything can be improved. Nevertheless, the sustained commitment to deliver the results expected by the customer (quality and continuous improvement) is part of this thought, which should be embraced by


Cooperation in the search for improvement.

In DevOps, frequent deliveries of applications ready for production are carried out. Indeed, in many cases, it is not necessary to make a greater effort to provide support or optimization, and even they may not require a greater effort for their evolution. However, this is possible if there is an appropriate control and monitoring plan.


Demonstrating the usefulness and result value.

When a Sprint finishes, it is necessary to review and check the work done in order to verify that it has been carried out as planned. For this purpose, it is necessary that the entire team collaborates and participates in order to make visible aspects requiring a change. The idea is not just making a

Lean Management

Ensuring the value. Doing less to achieve more.

When talking about guaranteeing and especially maximizing value delivery, the Lean philosophy –which searches for efficiency– is applied based on several features and tools allowing to develop increasingly optimal processes focused on the continuous value delivery at all stages. As mentioned in previous posts, the value is the most important factor to identify. In other


Unify everything at the right time – Increase productivity in development

One of the main challenges in a “traditional” scheme of software development, testing and deployment is the separate work performed by each of the areas responsible for the software development process. There are teams working separately from others for a long time even in the areas involved in such a process. Certainly, this situation leads


Proportionality of the improvement in value increase.

As we all know, Scrum adopts –inter alia– the principles of Lean philosophy to ensure maximum productivity of work teams, and progressively deliver the greatest possible value to the customer during short periods of time. In general, we may say that one of the keys of Scrum is to divide work, time and improvement in

Lean Management

Awareness of need and value increase

When it comes to implementing improvement aspects based on the LEAN philosophy, there are many challenges to face, such as the one arising when the way of working is intended to be changed. Here appears the value, a key factor, and perhaps the most important of all and to everything. The value, as the sum


Combining and integrating functions, a light on the path.

Nowadays, there are likely to be very few people working in IT who have not heard about DevOps. This is a practice –almost magical for some– aimed to make complementary, and sometimes also dissenting, roles and functions combine efforts to perform comprehensive work in every respect and quickly deliver quality products by following the business


Daily meetings: set events, standardize criteria and coordinate actions.

When developing a project, monitoring and controlling is a natural part of the process used to verify that what is being done is in accordance with what has been planned. This process has been adopted and maintained since the Administrative Management Theory was proposed. In Scrum, sprints –each time block during the execution– require daily

Lean Management

The paradigm of value delivery and the continuous improvement philosophy.

Talking about Lean, undoubtedly, means talking about Toyota and its special way of ensuring success in delivering value –almost permanently– through a very special production system model, known as TPS or Toyota Production System. Thanks to the official dissemination of TPS around the world, many organizations have been and still are using this system –with

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