What is due diligence?

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Due diligence is a concept that is not only applied in the legal field but is also used by ISO 37001 as one of the tools for the anti-bribery management system.

This process consists of a thorough study of the documents concerning operations, projects, activities, business partners, and personnel, to carefully assess the nature and extent of the bribery risk faced by the organization.

It also aims to support the organization in making decisions and adopting the appropriate measures to prevent or mitigate the risk of bribery, which must be reasonable and proportionate to the identified levels of risk.

No company is free from the risks of bribery and corruption. Taking the initiative and implementing an efficient anti-bribery management system generates a multiplier effect, as it promotes trust, increases competitiveness, and ensures efficient anti-bribery management practices. This also protects the organization’s image and the interests of its investors, employees, and customers.


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